By: Dr Alex Robber

People with fibromyalgia are aware of the consequences of their condition that is less than real. Fortunately, however, much research in this area has now been done and scientists are working on increasingly discovering treatments for this disease. Therefore a new medication has recently been discovered and has been quickly tracked in the treatment of fibromyalgia by FDA of America.

Therefore this medication is known as IMC-1 and is a type of viral suppression. Above all in a double-lined, placebo-controlled study this medication has already completed its phase 2 proof of concept trials. So, this IMC-1 hypothesis is that fibromyalgia is perhaps related to herpes virus in the body tissue. The treatment of herpes is normally based on the potential efficacy of various combinations of herpes control medications.

This research was conducted on 143 females in 12 hospitals in America. Along with the requirements of the College of Rheumatology for 2010, all these females had been diagnosed with main fibromyalgia in the past. These women have been assessed on a regular basis for 16 weeks. Now, IMC is working with the FDA to fulfill the criteria for the Phase 3 tests.

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Researchers have also found that many of the fibromyalgia symptoms are comparable to the other herpes virus-related illnesses. The most prevalent and awkward fibromyalgia symptoms are the widespread chronic pain, sleep problems, mood issues and overwhelming fatigue. Many people with fibromyalgia also develop frequent headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and behavioral problems like fibro fog.

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However, Millions of Americans who have fibromyalgia until this chronic condition is caused by the scientists and the scientific community. Because no fibromyalgia diagnosis and the possibility to get it treated have been restricted by the fact that there is no blood test available. The absence of efficient medicines for fibromyalgia is the reason why FDA has given IMC-1 a quick track. The designation of fast-track medicines support the development of medicines for illnesses with different therapy choices. In general, fibromyalgia is used to treat painkillers, antidepressants, and special medication, such as lyrica (pregabalin). Fibromyalgia patients should also receive exercise, diet and hygiene of sleep, but many patients will require faster and more efficient relief. The fresh therapy, which consists of viral suppression, can alter the game and involve celecoxib (Celebrex) and famciclovir (Famvir).

Before taking any medication always concern your health care provider and it is important to be diagnosed correctly. Stay Healthizes!

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