By: Dr Alex Robber

The “electroconvulsive therapy” stage could make you feel a little uncomfortable. The thinking goes back to the time when the medical sciences were not more scientific than they are today, and patients were submitted to electric shocks. It makes sense that you do not want to consider electroconvulsive therapy as a treatment, based on your pop culture picture of electroconvulsive therapy.

This ECT really got a poor knock in common imaginations. Therefore, we have ignored one of the best treatments for a symptom that impacts many people suffering from fibromyalgia: depression.

Understanding Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy is a procedure that transmits electricity to the brain and causes a seizure. It could sound brutal or scary, but perhaps for a good reason physician use it. That’s why it’s working.

The practice dates from the early days of psychotherapy where the physicians realized that after a seizure patient suffering from epilepsy and depression often felt much better. The physicians therefore began looking for a manner to induce electricity into seizures artificially. But they didn’t have the means to use it effectively or properly. And they didn’t even understand how it really worked.

Today we do not even understand how electroconvulsive treatment handles symptoms of fibromyalgia. Doctors believe it is related to how it alters the blood flow in the brain and releases chemicals from neurotransmitters.

Understanding Safety of Therapy

Because other individuals with no medical training in the past were frequently given electroconvulsive therapy. Therefore the patient was tightened and plugged with a tension resulting in broken bones and other serious wounds by test and mistake.

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But this is not a very different method for a few days. In the first place, the patient is anestheticized so that they do not get too hot and so you won’t be surprised in any way. The dose of electricity is thoroughly administered for safety.

The patient wakes up with less side effects following the operation. In general, the most important impacts are temporary short-term memory loss. Although memory loss may take a few weeks or months and some physical side impacts, such as sore jaws or muscles, can also happen.

Understanding Effectiveness of Therapy

Therefore many studies on the efficacy of electro convulsant treatment have been done which say that it is one of the most efficient medicines for drug-resistant depression. This treatment is more efficient than pills for the short-term treatment of fibromyalgia.

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In circumstances where someone’s life is under direct threat of depression as if they are at danger of suicide, or simply refuse to eat and even to drink, electroconvulsive treatment is also suggested by physicians. Electroconvulsive therapy is therefore capable of immediately relieving symptoms.

Many individuals also use electroconvulsive therapy as a maintenance therapy. You use it to control your depression. However, it is unbelievable whether ECT is efficient for a long-term therapy or not. Suicide, for individuals with fibromyalgia, is however a significant danger. It is seen as such that, despite being a deadly disease, fibromyalgia’s sufferers have a shorter life span on average. This therapy is therefore literal if it helps rapidly to treat severe depression. Therefore most suicides occur spontaneously, and many studies have shown that if you stop them from doing them, the person won’t normally try to suicide again.

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In addition, there is some proof that ECT can assist with fibromyalgia-related pain. This has not, however, been proven conclusively. Some individuals swear by this and have understood that it is not an efficient way to treat pain in fibromyalgia, according to some science research. It is therefore difficult to tell whether it is efficient. More data on this matter needs to be provided. However, if you have fibromyalgia and are also affected by depression, it can be a nice idea to consider electroconvulsive treatment. You must discover methods to work for yourself.

Before taking any medication always concern your health care provider and it is important to be diagnosed correctly. Stay Healthizes!

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