By: Dr Alex Robber

For me, fibromyalgia pain feels like unseen elves have smashed me. I defined it as before and I’ll reiterate it again in another post. Because it is so, because, although it’s fun, I hope to convey the random annoying and angst nature of the pain to individuals. I define it like this.

When I woke up cry in the center of the night, I first felt painfully conscious of my situation because it felt like somebody was beating me. I’ve been disoriented and tentatively touched my arms and legs. But I couldn’t see any blistering, I felt bruised. I looked round my room to seek a blame, but my room was empty, and there was no indication that it was a break. I’ve been stumbled. I was surprised by the abrupt pain and weightlessness of my limbs. I racked my brain to remember if the day before, or had run a Marathon, I had worn something heavy, and didn’t remember that. Nope, this were only my first fibromyalgia symptoms.

I often describe the intense pain as being stuck with needles constantly while being struck simultaneously at the depths of my body with a hammer.

However sometimes I suddenly shout in surprise because it honestly feels like a knife from inside my back is stabbing me. So, before I turn around, I catch myself to assault the offender verbally, because–you guessed!  It’s the offender’s my body.

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Therefore sometimes I get panting because of the sharpness and the protracted nature of the pain. I had my brother jokingly wondering if I was working. My face is focused, and I try to hold on to my cries, but I can’t do that often. The pain literally shouts at me from the strength of my body.

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Therefore for each individual fibromyalgia pain occurs differently. In the permanent discussion over the real science of fibromyalgia, Because individuals often define the symptoms in support forums and desperately ask whether every manifestation of pain is part or not of the disorder.

Before taking any medication always concern your health care provider and it is important to be diagnosed correctly. Stay Healthizes!

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