By: Dr Alex Robber

The amount of olfactory bulb that is a main structure in the way we perceive and differentiate smell can be lowered for fibromyalgia patients, a research discovered. This study, “Less olfactory bulb volumes in patients with fibromyalgia disease,” was published on the Clinical Rheumatology Journal. This finding can help explain why some patients report impairments of olfactory perception. Olfactory perception is often recorded as being deficient in Fibromyalgia Disease patients and is able to recognize and differentiate distinct kinds of scents.

The olfactory bulb is the first structure that contributes to our smell perception. It consists of two nerve cell kinds that are supported by cells in the cavity of the nose. However, while “self-reported olfactory features have been investigated with olfactory exams, olfactory bulb volumes have not been investigated.”

Other illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parcinson’s disease, schizophrenia, and depression are known to decreasing the quantity of the olfactory bulb. Some of these patients also have olfactory dysfunction. Researchers used magnetic resonances imaging (MRI) to determine the quantity of the olfactory bulb of a group of patients with Fibromyalgia disease. In the research, 62 women 30 with FM and 32 healthy controls, were registered at the mean age of 44.2 and 41.7, respectively.

MRI analyzes shown a reduced in quantity relative to good controls for olfactory bulbs of patients with Fibromyalgia Disease. In particular, in the Fibromyalgia group and in the control group, the median volumes were 74,9 mm3 of the correct olfactory bulbs. The left olfactory amps had an average volume of 74.3 mm3 and 92.8 mm3.

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In the Fibromyalgia Disease group and in the good control group average of 146.6 mm 3 was the mean of the complete olfactory bulb volumes (volume both right and left). The team proposed that the decline identified in Fibromyalgia Disease patients is a possible consequence of changes in neuronal structure in the brains of patients, which can support the concept be defended.

Overall, the team concluded that Fibromyalgia disease patients are at risk of decreasing olfactory bulb volumes. “The results of the current study should be taken into account to ensure that this hard syndrome is properly and reasonably managed and for future studies, “the team writes.

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