By: Dr Alex Robber

My whole life I lived with Migraine, so it wasn’t new to wake up in pain. The surprise was I felt like I was 40 years old suddenly overnight. I haven’t hurt. Every muscle in my body felt confiscated and all my joint was tightly locked. In relation to migraine attacks, I now face extensive pain and rigidity almost every other day. Migraine attacks were now a steady occurrence of aphasia, photophobia, and phonophobia.

The group entered Fibromyalgia

As I started my search for a real migraine and headache specialist, the fibromyalgia appeared. I was not controlling migraines and I was overwhelmed with learning how to deal with another illness that I have stigmatized and misunderstood. Fortunately, as I thought first, I wasn’t as poorly equipped. After all, fibromyalgia was also subject to the same rules as Migraine. These abilities overlap:

  • Enter a skilled physician’s assistance.
  • Concentrate on avoidance.
  • Follow the signs of your symptoms.
  • Identify the triggers you have.
  • Be careful about weather modifications.
  • You cannot have too many comfort actions.
  • Use acute pain medicine sparingly.
  • Pace for yourself.
  • Routine Stick.
  • Use excellent hygiene of sleep.
  • Get some practice every day.
  • Take care of your mind.
  • Find another patients assistance.
  • Patience is key

It took some time for everything to be sorted out. The first year, my system of monitoring was a complicated mess. For some time, it looked as if all triggered an inflammation and nothing helped. I was determined to try again in memory of the challenges of learning to track migraine. Slowly, the parts began to come down. Many items which caused Migraine also caused fibromyalgia, to my surprise. This simplified the control of disease.

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A healthy attitude is necessary

A healthy approach is crucial, but the amount of acute flares is significantly decreased, although I never have pain. I have been able to restrict flare-ups once or twice a month following the same values for the management of Migraine. I have been able to adapt my behavior and expectations by listening to the signals of my body. After all, good management of diseases is as important as efficient therapy. Stay Healthizes!

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