Skin of Patients with Fibromyalgia Found Rational Biological Source of Pain

By: Dr Alex Robber

After all, Fibromyalgia is not imaginary, as some physicians have assumed, a painful illness affecting around 10 million individuals in the United States. Because discovery, released in PAIN MEDICINE, this month, now obviously shows that the rational biological foundation of Fibromyalgia can be found in the skin.

Fibromyalgia is a serious weakening affliction with extensive tissue pain, tenderness in the hands and feet, tiredness, sleeping disorders and cognitive decrease. However, routine tests for fibromyalgia have mainly failed to identify a biological foundation and conventional diagnosis is based on subjective patient pain scores, which also raises questions about the real nature of the disease. The disease was thought to be psychosomatic (“in the head”) for many years and was often ascribed to patients ‘ fantasy or even false disease.

Currently endorsed therapeutics that at least provide partial relief to patients with fibromyalgia should work exclusively in the brain where imaging methods have identified unfamiliar hyperactivity called “core sensitization.” An inherent cause, however, has not yet been found which leaves many doctors doubtful of its real origin or even the presence of the dialogia.

Therefore now, as part of a fibromyalgia study at Albany Medical College, scientists of Integrated Tissue Dynamics LLC (Intidyn) have produced a biological rationale for this enigmatic disease. Because the small research biotech company Dr. Frank L. Rice and Dr. Phillip J. Albrecht, founded by neuroscientists, because reports on the unprecedented peripheral neurovascular disease consistently present in the skin, which is likely to drive the reporting symptoms.

“There is an over-sensory nerve fiber pathology around specific structures of the blood vessel in the palms of the hands instead of being in the brain,” stated Dr Rice, President of Intidyn and the Senior Researcher in the research. “This finding offers concrete proof of a pathology for fibromyalgia that can then be used for the diagnosis of the disease and as a new base for more effective therapy.”

Understanding Nerve Endings Forms

However Intidyn researchers reported three years earlier in the journal PAIN the discovery that the blood vessels of the skin have an unknown nervous system function.

As Dr. Rice clarified, “Within our sensitivity and extremely nuanced senses we analyzed the skin of a particularly interesting patient, who had no sensory nerve endings in many skin variations. However, amazingly ordinary functions for this patient in day-to-day duties were interesting. But the only sensory endings we found around the vessels of his skin. Dr. Rice continued, “We thought previously that these nerve endings are only involved in the control of blood flow at a subconscious level and yet there was evidence here that the endings of the blood vessel can also contribute to our conscious feeling of touch and also pain.”

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Therefore Clinical research suggestions have been financed by forestry laboratories and Eli Lilly in cooperation with renowned neurologist and pain specialist Dr. Charles E. Argoff and Dr. James Wymer, his co-workers, Albany Medical College and Dr. James Storey, Upstate Clinical Research Associates in Albany, NY. Both pharmaceutical companies have created FDA-approved drugs that provide at least some relief to many patients with comparable tasks (Serotonin / Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors, SNRI).

“We had proof that comparable molecules were engaged in the function of the neuronal endings on the blood vessels, as we knew how these medicines should work on molectules in the brain,” Dr. Albrecht added. Therefore, we assumed that the pathology of fibromyalgia could be at this place. They were right, as the findings show.

Drs. To evaluate the ends of the nerve. Rice, Albrecht and PhD investigator, Dr Quanzhi Hou, used their distinctive microscopic technology to explore tiny skin biopsies from the pains of Fibromyalgia patients diagnosed and handled by Drs (less than half the size of a pencil eraser). Wymer, and Storey, Argoff, and Wymer. However the research was confined to females who have fibromyalgia twice as many as males. Because the team revealed that sensory fibers in certain locations within the skin’s blood vessels increased tremendously. So, these critical locations are the small muscle valves that form a direct link between the arteriols and venules.

As Mr. Rice defines his role: “Everybody teaches us to transfer the blood deoxygenated from the arterial to capillaries. The AV shunts in the hand are distinctive because they generate a bypass for controlling the body’s temperature of the capillary bed.

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Understanding Thermostat for Skin

Therefore in humans, such shunts are the only ones that function like the car radiator in the palms of the hand and the soils of our feet. So, the shunts clamp under hot circumstances to push the blood into the skin surface capillaries to radiate heat from the body, and the sweat in our palms. Because the shunts open wide under cold conditions, so that blood can bypass capillaries to keep heat, and the hands become cold and gloves.

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Therefore according to Dr Albrecht, “excessive sensory innervation can explain why patients with fibromyalgia usually have tender and painful hands. However but since the sensory fibers open shunts, they would be especially active under cold circumstances, which are usually very embarrassing for patients with fibromyalgia.

Understanding Role of Blood Flow in Body

While they are largely restricted to hands and legs, the shunts have another significant role, due to the extensive profound pain, soreness and tiredness in patients with fibromyalgia.

“A huge percentage of our blood flow usually goes to hand and feet in relation to its participation in temperature control. Dr. Rice finding out that for its metabolism a lot more is needed. “The hands and legs behave like this as a reservoir where blood flow can be redirected to other tissues, like muscles, when we start exercising. However the pathology found in the hands of these shunts can therefore interfere with blood flow to the entire body. So, this poorly managed blood flow may be causing muscle soreness and tiredness owing to the growth of lactic acid and low inflammatory fibromyalgia patients. In turn, this can help the hyper act of the brain.

However Dr Albrecht also points to other symptoms such as non-restful sleep or cognitive dysfunction, which may lead to alters in ordinary blood flow. Because “The proof seems to be in line with the published proof showing changes of blood flow to greater brain centers and the brain cortex of patients with fibromyalgia,” he said.

Thus, Dr Gary Bennett, Chair of Alan Edwards Center for Pain Research at McGill University, commented after seeing the results: “This is exciting to see something that has ultimately been found. Therefore we can hope that this fresh finding will lead to fresh treatments for patients with fibromyalgia who now receive little or no medicine relief.

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Therefore fibromyalgia, which should provide a great relief for fibromyalgia patients and change the clinical view of the disease and guide future solutions to treatments successfully, has demonstrated this discovery of a different tissue disease.

Before taking any medication always concern your health care provider and it is important to be diagnosed correctly. Stay Healthizes!

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