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However the results from a domestic fibromyalgia study show that patients with this disease face have a privately because long physical and emotional struggle and that delays in diagnosis, reported for one or more years, have been highlighted by the majority of participants. Therefore two thirds (67%) of respondent’s report that they cannot keep up with their family job, almost half (47 percent) say they suffer badly and two in five (42%) spend less quality time with their colleagues. Due to in addition, they claim that their working lives and career have been negatively impacted. Fibromyalgia, almost one-third (31%) say, has adversely impacted their intimacy skills.

Chronic, extensive pain and tenderness and reduced physical function mark Fibromyalgia. Six to 12 million Americans are involved, most of them females, of whom three-quarters are undiagnosed., the leading independent source of health information for females, has published its results in the 48-state study with 508 individuals. Forest Laboratories, Inc. sponsored the study.

Elizabeth Cahill, Managing Director and registered nurse, said that “Fibromyalgia is a prevalent health disorder for females. “It is estimated that as many Americans as females with diabetes can live with fibromyalgia. Although the awareness of this condition has dramatically improved the treatment of patients, we still have a great deal of work to do to ensure that patients receive full support for their life.

One in four (23 percent) reported at least five years of suffering before they were diagnosed with their disease. Most respondents (71%) say that they waited before looking for a diagnosis and couldn’t tolerate their symptoms any more. Examples of perceived diagnostic obstacles include a lack of patients’ understanding of the disorder themselves and doctors who do not recognize symptoms.

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Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease, although the majority of people say they fear skepticism, 64% express concern about taking them seriously, and 79% of people are confident that the quality they are seeking is the highest in a healthcare specialist.

“This study quantifies what stigma, skepticism, lack of understanding about fibromyalgia and delays in diagnosing patients and supporters have known and experienced and have adversely affected the outcome.” said Cahill. “These obstacles to better life are however overcome by more understanding by the patients, and this is a significant lesson we can learn from this study.”

Understanding Importance of Early Diagnosis

Respondents who were delayed in them diagnose were more probable than those who were diagnosed in a year to report serious symptoms (68 percent) at diagnosis (41 percent). Also, in their families, their relations and their professions, patients diagnosed within a year are considerably less likely to face daily difficulties.

David, M.D., WholeHealth founder Chicago and fibromyalgia specialist, commented that “earlier-diagnosis is essential.” “The sooner a patient is diagnosed, the sooner an efficient leadership plan can start and return to daily work. It is therefore critical that physicians and patients interact well and that patients not wait for symptoms to be borne before they seek assistance.”

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Understanding Effective Treatment and Support

51 percent of patients think their total daily life has improved since they have been treated. In fact, a higher number, compared to patients who got the same quantity or less of assistance since their therapy (47%), have reported improving their daily lives through therapy (56%).

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The respondents say:

  • Medicine treatment (58%)
  • Exercise (46%),
  • alternative treatments (43%)

Such as massage, meditation, acupuncture and chiropractic care, the following kinds of treatment have enhanced their symptoms.

Unfortunately, many patients don’t get the assistance they need from friends and loved ones: Of the 43 percent who say that they most often depend on their wife or others to help them, only a quarter 27 percent claim that they completely understand how they are afflicted with a fibromyalgia.

“To make a precocious diagnosis sooner is only the first move for fibromyalgia patients,” said Cahill. “Women must work closely with their physicians to develop an efficient therapy scheme, and friends and friends of their loved ones must make a contribution to continuous support for the enhancement of a patient.”

Understanding Survey

The study was intended to collect information and collect insights into the diagnosis and therapy, the relationship between the patients and their medical personnel, the effect of the situation on their daily life and the kind of assistance they need and receive from the patients and their healthcare professionals.

The study was known as WE FEEL (Women expressing Fibromyalgia effects on everyday life). Edelman Strategy One carried out research for WE FEEL with the help of the Harris Interactive Service Bureau’s field services. Between 5 and 11 May 2010, the 20-minute study was conducted. The results represent the female fibromyalgia sufferers diagnosed in the United States nationally.

The complete sample of 508 produces a ±4.4% margin of mistake at the point of confidence of 95%. This implies the findings do not differ by more than 4.4 percentage points in either direction 95 out of 100 time that a sample is drawn. At the rate of 95%, the statistical importance is indicated.

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Before taking any medication always concern your health care provider and it is important to be diagnosed correctly. Stay Healthizes!

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