By: Dr Alex Robber

One of the most frequent kinds of pain disorder is fibromyalgia. Over 5 million individuals are estimated to have fibromyalgia in the United States. More and more lives are being destroyed every day. There is not sufficient consciousness to make it clear to others that it is not invisible. Take some time and spend it, so other people will see it is REAL. We must concentrate on this NOW. If not… when?

You can feel that you have fibromyalgia and that you do not recognize our disease. People say fibro is all in our heads, they don’t understand our pain, they know our pain and illness. They don’t know. It is therefore up to us to talk to them and let them know about our disease. There’s no Invisible Fibromyalgia. We’re not unseen. All of us are together in this.

The more awareness we create, the greater the changes in the life of the impacted people.

We need to increase knowledge of the disease for so many individuals worldwide who are impacted by pain, exhaustion and brain fog of fibro. Not only do people with disease deserve their loved one’s assistance, comprehension and compassion, but also better therapy choices and a remedy one day.

In addition to talking, let fibromyalgia consciousness be extended to some other means, letting things talk for themselves. Like custom t-shirts, buggies, stickers, cushions, mobile coverings, socks, wall tapestry can be used. We have created a list of the products that you can purchase to help spread the word about the disease to anyone looking to raise awareness of fibromyalgia–whether it be for you, a loved one or your fellow warriors. There are therefore few items used daily that you should be aware of and can spread fibromyalgia.


Here we chose a few of the high-quality T-shirts you can purchase online. Fibromyalgia awareness on our behalf, these T-shirts talk well. To get it for you, click on a picture or the connections underneath the shirt.

1st is Awareness T shirt

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2nd is Wear Purple

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3rd is Disability Stickers

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4th is Necklace

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5th is Fibromyalgia Cup

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Before taking any medication always concern your health care provider and it is important to be diagnosed correctly. Stay Healthizes!

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